Antonio Tavares

Antonio Tavares

A small introduction about me



My passion with 20+ years of professional experience in Web Development is simplifying with all modern web technologies to design, develop, implement, architect, test and deploy for websites and web applications.


Full Stack Development (Front end & Back end):

  • Bootstrap 3 & 4
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Modern UI Frameworks: Vue.js, Angular.js, Node.js, React.js
  • PHP 5 & 7, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, C#, .Net, C, C++
  • PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony2, Phalcon, Codeigniter
  • iOS Development: Swift
  • API, Rest, Json:API, GraphQL
  • Template Engines: Twig, Blade, Smarty
  • Web Project Management: Scrum and Agile Environment
  • CMS: Drupal 7 & 8, Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, Joomla
  • Drupal Development (Drush, Custom Modules & Themes - Drupal Association Individual Member)
  • eCommerce: Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify
  • CRM: Microsoft Dynamics,, SugarCRM
  • Digital Design Softwares: Sketch 3, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Version Control: CVS, SVN, Darcs, Mercurial, Git
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Databases: MariaDB, MySQL, MsSQL, SQL
  • Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, Windows IIS
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (RedHat, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Web Hosting Management: CPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, VestaCP, Pantheon, WP Engine
  • Caching: Varnish, Redis, Memcached, APC
  • Cloud/VPS Hosting: AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr.
  • Virtualization: Docker, Kubernetes, VirtualBox, Vagrant

Currently Courses Learning

  • C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP
  • C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding
  • CSS - The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)
  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects!
  • Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids
  • NodeJS - The Complete Guide (incl. MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL)
  • Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3
  • PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master - CMS Project
  • Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs
  • PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel
  • The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery
  • The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap (2019)

Currently using

  • IDE Editor: Visual Studio (Pro and Code)
    Formerly: Atom, Subline Text 3, Ecplise
  • VC Code Theme: Noctis Minimus, Dark+, Monokai
  • Computer: Macbook Air, Windows (PC)
  • Hosting: WHC, Netiffy and DigitalOcean

Favorite Programming

  • Front End Techologies: JavaScript (Vue.js)
  • Back End Technologies: PHP (Of course, Laravel!)